Cards on the table — it’s a little scary for you to hire a new commercial cleaning company. After all, you don’t know these people. They could be anyone undercover spies, international art thieves, people who wear socks with sandals — anyone! You need a commercial cleaning company that is transparent and incredibly trustworthy. One that does a through an intensive screening process that includes pre-screening, drug testing, and good old-fashioned snooping (background checks), making sure that everyone they hire is, well, not sketchy.

At the end of the day, they should just want to provide you with a quality service, carried out by people who love what they do. The cleaning company that you hire’s goal is your satisfaction, and they should know they can’t achieve that if you don’t trust them. They should also let you know exactly who is coming out to clean your space, and they are both bonded and insured for your safety. You should be able to count on them to make sure your business is clean, without having to worry about any security issues.

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