100% Happiness Guarantee

Do you desire to be happy 100% of the time? Unfortunately, making you happy with every single aspect of your life is not possible, but what can be done is making sure you always feel awesome about your commercial cleaning services. In the unlikely event that you don’t like the service being provided,  it’s free until you are deliciously & ridiculous happy. Even throw in a jolly high-five so you know there are no hard feelings.

The 12-Minute Transition Guarantee

Are you tired of the logistical mess that comes with switching from your old cleaning company to a new one? It can be difficult to transition from one commercial cleaning service to another, which is why it will be done for you. Everything will be taken care of from returning the old company’s equipment, to firing them, and getting your locks changed. The best part is, it will all only take 12 minutes, guaranteed.

Sick Day Decrease Guarantee

Are you tired of half of your staff being out of the office during cold and flu season? It’s common knowledge that a clean space is a healthy space. So, it goes without saying that the cleaner your work space is, the healthier your employees and customers will be. If your sick days do not decrease by at least 5% once the cleaning services started and one year later, we’ll give you a $500 gift certificate.

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