Your commercial cleaning service should take pride in making your business look good. They should also know how important it is that they do a good job in order for you to get new and returning business. After all, would you want to use a restroom at an establishment that wasn’t cleaned? Or work in a dusty office? Probably not, that’s gross. Your cleaning service should bet here to help your business not be gross.

Your commercial cleaning experts must be thorough and hardworking, and should happily adjust the way they do things to fit the unique needs of your business. They should also make sure you will love how your business looks and feels and guarantee it. Seriously, they should. If you aren’t ecstatic with the job they do, it needs to be completely free. So you feel that they got your back.

As your dedicated cleaning professionals, they will:

  • Empty trash bins, replace bags, and wash if necessary
  • Vacuum all floors and mop hard floors
  • Wipe down and dust all surfaces, big and small
  • Spot clean walls and doors
  • Wash the inside of windows
  • Restock toilet paper and paper towels

Estimated Pricing:

Up to 1,500 square feet – $250.00
Up to 3,000 square feet – $350.00
Up to 4,500 square feet – $450.00
Up to 6,000 square feet – $550.00
Up to 7,500 square feet – $650.00
Up to 9,000 square feet – $750.00

Reach out to today to find out more about the commercial cleaning services that should be provided, or to set up an appointment. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.