Nah, don’t – Just wanted you to check out this post because there are so many fakes out there who will tell you they are using green products to clean your site, but they don’t (because they cost more and those guys are only interested in profits).

If you want green cleaning from your cleaning company, that’s what you should get. Using eco–friendly cleaning products, work without harming our clients’ health or the environment. It also ensure that your cleaners are not exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins? Take that, fake green cleaning companies.

What are the benefits of green cleaning?

  1. Healthier Office Space: by going green, you won’t inhale or absorb through your skin the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products.
  2. Purer Environment: it helps reduce pollution to our waterways and air and minimizes impact on ozone depletion.
  3. Safer Products: conventional cleaning products poses risks such as chemical burns to the skin and the eyes. Green cleaning products aren’t corrosive and are safe to touch.