When you run a business, it’s all about perception — the first impression a customer has when he or she walks in the door. A big part of perception is cleanliness. Is there dirt on the floor? Is the trash overflowing? Is there hair on the bathroom floors? Is the toilet paper missing? Is there soap to wash your hands? Do the front office staff look presentable?

So much goes into first impressions for a business that it can be hard to narrow it down to what really matters. In fact, this is virtually impossible since different things matter to different people. However, what businesses can do is cover their bases with a stellar commercial cleaning company in West Fargo that goes above and beyond in customer care and offers the best commercial cleaning service ever. This last statement describes Happy Employees Cleaning — so named because we are happy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the bag guys that live in your office or business’s carpets and how to keep them clean. Contact us today for a free estimate!


What is a dust bunny?

Dust bunny is a euphemism for a ball of dust, hair, and fur that can accumulate in your office space or business. Dust bunnies are fans of corners, and they are so named because they are fluffy like bunnies. However, this type of bunny is far from lovable, cute, and desirable. In fact, it is the mission of Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo to eradicate dust bunnies from your office or business’ carpets, corners, and crevices. The key to getting rid of dust bunnies is regularly vacuuming of your carpets, especially the corners. Using a damp cloth also helps to eradicate those stubborn bunnies who have made a nest in your office or business. And once dust bunnies are homey, they begin to reproduce — a lot.

When you invest in commercial cleaning services by Happy Employees Cleaning, you can be sure your dust bunnies will be humanely relocated from your office space, commercial buildings, or restaurants. This will keep your office employees healthier by eradicating these critters that can agitate allergies.

What is a dust mite?

Dust mites are tiny microscopic critters that feed off dead skin. Hence, they love living in homes where there are lots of humans and animals. Since humans shed on average about 600,000 particles of skin every hour, that’s a lot of dead skin cells that can feed a lot of dust mites. In terms of the food web, it’s great that we have bugs such as these to clean up after ourselves in our inadvertent messes; however, dust mites aren’t exactly the best critters to have around. Dust mites can contribute to asthma symptoms and can exacerbate asthma and other airborne conditions humans suffer from.

When you call in a professional cleaning service such as Happy Employees Cleaning in the West Fargo area, we’ll proudly help get rid of these pesky critters for you. By thoroughly vacuuming your carpets when we come, we’ll help to not only pick up dead skin cells, but the dust mites that eat them. Experts on dust mites (God bless them) suggest having your carpets regularly professionally cleaned to help kill dust mites in their tracks.

What is a flea?

While not as tiny as dust mites, fleas are another common critter that believes your carpet to be a perfect natural habitat. After all, your office carpets or business’ carpets are warm, fuzzy, and often of a high profile for them to hide. These critters fetch rides on your clothes from the outdoors, land in your carpet, and begin to eat and reproduce, while biting you, your employees, your customers, and your dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, fleas, once they’ve taken up residence, are extremely difficult to get rid of. That’s because of their life cycle. However, if you discover a flea infestation, vacuuming is your first line of defense, which West Fargo based commercial cleaning company, Happy Employees Cleaning, can help with. However, you’ll have to treat your carpet to a professional pest control company for a more permanent solution.

What is bacteria?

The bacteria we are referring to is the bad kind of bacteria known as germs that can cause illnesses in humans. These guys are extremely resilient (since they’ve been around since the beginning of time), and these cells can live on your carpets for months. Hence, if you sit on your carpets for any stretch of time, you have a chance of picking up these bad guys.

A professional commercial cleaning company such as Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo can help keep bacteria down by vacuuming your office or business. Also, properly disinfecting all surfaces, particularly the bathroom, can help stop the spread of these bad guys who may have been picked up from the carpets. Happy Employees Cleaning disinfects all surfaces as part of our commercial cleaning service.

What is pollen and spores?

Pollen is a powdery substance made by flowers that is their source of reproduction. Pollen is the yellow substance you see sticking to honey bees’ legs. Spores are virtually the same thing, just not particular to flowers. Spores are emitted by other plants, algae, fungi, and protozoa as part of their reproductive processes. When the wind blows, pollen is picked up and inhaled by humans, which can then contribute to allergies. Because these guys are airborne, they easily slip their way into our offices when anyone opens a door or even sits down in your waiting room. Naturally, pollen makes its way to your carpets where they sit — until this cycle is repeated all over again, and the next thing you know, you’re allergies are going haywire.

With regular vacuuming services provided by a top-rated local cleaning company such as Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo, the presence of pollen and spores can be drastically cut.

What is mold?

Molds are primarily a fungus that grows in the presence of certain environmental conditions, primarily rotting food or warm, moist environments. In fact, they have to have moisture to even grow. Unfortunately, these guys are ubiquitous and are a common component of workspace dust. When inhaled, they cause many of the same problems as pollen, being respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. The reason we care about mold so much (much more than pollen) is because certain types of mold can cause serious health concerns in humans, and even death. These molds are commonly known as toxic molds.

Being that mold can only grow in damp places (they like the dark too because it doesn’t dry them out), they can begin to grow in your carpets if they are constantly wet. Humidity can also play a role in the growth of mold, something West Fargo is all too familiar with during the summers.

When you hire a professional cleaning company such as Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo, we can help by keeping your carpets clean. Furthermore, the great thing about a cleaning company is that we notice things others don’t, say, for instance, if there is a wet spot on your carpets in the corner. With regular cleaning services by us, we’ll help monitor your carpets and keep you informed of any problem areas that we may find.


There are so many benefits to keeping your commercial space clean, from good first impressions on customers to your employees’ health. Furthermore, a clean environment promotes happiness, relieves stress, and is an overall joy to work in. Employee productivity rises, and the struggle to find food in your breakroom fridge is ended. You don’t run out of toilet paper or paper towels, and you smile when the trash has been taken out.

Happy Employees Cleaning serves the great people of West Fargo by giving them a clean environment in which to work. We love cleaning and by cleaning your commercial office space, we do our part to pass on a little bit of love to you. By making your environment clean, you don’t have to worry about which employee will take out the trash or vacuum. Your employees are free to concentrate on the job you hired them to do. Leave the commercial cleaning to us. Call us today for a free cleaning estimate!