When people think of industrial warehouses, many envision huge buildings with forklifts running to and fro, people in hard hats, and they usually envision it being not the cleanest. After all, an industrial warehouse is where products are stored until shipping, or some good is being produced. There aren’t any customers coming in and out. Why keep it clean?

Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo believes there are many reasons to keep your industrial space clean, including safety, efficiency, and a professional appearance. Just because your business is not client-facing doesn’t mean clients don’t stop by occasionally. Plus, everyone enjoys a clean place to work. It’s less stressful when you aren’t searching for lost items, and it increases productivity in the workplace. Below, we’ll list some tips on how to keep your industrial workspace clean, and call Happy Employees Cleaning for your commercial business cleaning service today!


  • The floors. In an industrial warehouse where you deal with boxes, packing material, tape, and more tape all the time, bits and pieces inevitably make their way to the floor at all times. It’s imperative to keep your industrial warehouse floors clean not only for safety, but also so you don’t become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of trash. Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo recommends that you designate areas for your employees to keep clean throughout the day and designate which employees are responsible for which areas. That way, you’ll have all of your bases covered.
  • The trash bins. If your trash bins are constantly overflowing, then you’re not emptying them enough. Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo recommends designating employees for this task as well and putting a schedule to it if your industrial warehouse space happens to have a lot of trash throughout the day.

  • The reception area. Even if your reception area is only one desk at the front of the warehouse, this area needs to be kept clean as well. If there are papers piled all over your entrance area with a hard hat lying on top, a half-eaten lunch, and a pizza box from two days ago, you need to clean it and organize it. Odds are, if people do come in for a visit, this is the one place they will judge you by. As mentioned above, people have an expectation of a not-so-clean industrial area. However, Happy Employees Cleaning notes that this belief does not translate over to your reception area.
  • The bathroom(s). Odds are, you may only have one small bathroom if your industrial space does not have a lot of employees. If this is the case, you definitely cannot neglect keeping it clean. Bathrooms are the one place where customers and/or clients are unforgiving in terms of cleanliness. You can turn them off right away if your bathroom hasn’t seen a toilet brush in over six months. When you partner with a professional cleaning company such as Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo, you can rest assured that all areas in your bathrooms will be cleaned, sanitized, and left shining.


Here at Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo, our mission is to ensure your commercial business, including industrial warehouse space, is kept clean and shining because a clean and shining workplace makes for happy employees and customers alike. Your employees stay healthier, they get more work done, and they can find items needed in a pinch without stress. Partner with the best cleaning company today to experience why we love making your employees smile. Call us today for your free cleaning!