No, they’re not, but just had to laugh when someone published How To Choose A Cleaner Guide on the Internet. Check out these funny Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Service – what do you think are the chances of you getting honest answers to all these 7 questions?

  1. How thorough are they at their job?
  2. Are they being inspected regularly by a quality assurance supervisor?
  3. How quickly do they respond to problems?
  4. Do they like feedback?
  5. Are other clients happy with their services?
  6. Do they have emergency action plans?
  7. Are they using safe and green products?

Kidding aside, some companies might not be 100% honest to you, but still, these questions are definitely worth asking. If they tell you it’s all YES, and you feel the same way, then good for you. But, if they say YES to everything but the results say otherwise, you might want to have a back-up plan.

Cleaning the office is a task that must be delegated to the pros. Make sure hired cleaners are trained well, it will ensure that every space in your office is safe, clean and looking its best all the time.

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