Most business owners understand the value of a clean business. It makes a great first impression and can even be the tipping point in customers’ decision about whether or not to use your products and/or services. This is especially important when it comes to gyms. After all, gyms are places people go to exercise, and when you exercise, you often sweat. Gyms can also harbor germs because it is a place with bathrooms, showers, and the like.

Happy Employees Cleaning serves West Fargo with professional cleaning services. From mopping to sanitizing, we ensure your commercial business is clean. In this blog post, we’ll discuss tips on how to keep your gym business clean. Contact us for commercial cleaning services today!


  1. Equipment. Gym equipment is something you need to stay on top of as a gym business. With so many hands touching equipment, not only is the spread of germs ripe, but also gym equipment can get dirty quickly from dirt, grime, and oils from people’s hands. Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo recommends that you keep sanitizing spray and paper towels and/or small hand towels at stations all around your gym for members to use. If you have group fitness studios, start a policy of having all of your equipment wiped down after use. While this will go a long way into keeping your gym equipment clean and prolonging the life of the gym equipment, you still need to have it professionally cleaned on a daily basis.
  2. Locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms. This is usually the place where dirt can build up and fast in a gym business. The majority of your gym participants use some part of these rooms every time they walk in the door. It’s important to have locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day, even if it’s just emptying the trash and replacing towels. Hair is another constant battle that must be attended to, especially in shower drains. Having these areas professionally cleaned by your local cleaning company, such as Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo, will ensure your gym members are happy and satisfied.
  3. Floors. Floors are a place that get dirty quickly, especially in the North Dakota winters where snow, dirt, and mud are constant battles. You’ll want to make sure the entrance way is constantly attended to so members and potential members alike have a great first impression when they walk in the door. Keep brooms and wet mops handy where all employees can find them and use them. Mats also get dirty very quickly and need to be wiped down from sweat as well. Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo recommends enlisting all staff in helping to keep your gym clean.
  4. Common areas. Most gyms today have a common area, a bar, or a cafe that offers free coffee to members and snacks to guests throughout the day. Make sure you are following all food safety codes and that the coffee bar is perpetually being wiped down. A good rule of thumb that Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo recommends is that every time you replace the coffee, your staff does a once over in the coffee area, wiping the surfaces and replacing coffee items as needed.


Happy Employees Cleaning in West Fargo is dedicated to keeping your commercial business, including your gym, clean. When you partner with us for your cleaning services, we’ll work around your schedule to make as little impact on your customers as possible. We offer a 100% happiness guarantee to ensure you are happy with our commercial cleaning services. If not, it’s free until you are. When you need the best professional cleaning service in West Fargo, call us today!