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Are YOU tired of hiring and firing the same cleaning companies over and over again?

Sure YOU are, and you deserve better! 

You're Busy and Frankly,

You Shouldn't Have To Spend Your Time Searching For A Commercial Cleaning Company That Actually Does A Good Job. They should All Do A Good Job. Unfortunately, They Don't And Honestly, You Shouldn't Have To Settle For Good.

If You’re Spending Too Much Time Hiring And Firing Your Cleaning Company Because They Promise Excellence And Deliver Sub-par Work, Then It’s Time To Stop! 

The Commercial Cleaning Company You Hire Should Prove They Are The Right Commercial Cleaning Service For You. They Need To Be Dedicated, Hardworking, Non-sketchy People Who Genuinely Want The Satisfaction Of A Job Well Done.


It’s Time To Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time Dealing With These Issues. Don’t Settle For Ordinary Results; Get The Exceptional Cleaning Services You Want And Deserve.

They Must Love What They Do!

The cleaning crew you hire must pride themselves in hard work and dedication to their jobs. (Some should even say they are obsessed with cleaning). If they enjoy what they do.

Their goal should be to keep your premises 100% clean and sanitary. They accomplish this by using cutting-edge cleaning technology and industrial cleaning products that are effective but safe. Your workplace will be a clean and pleasant place to work and visit. 


The Process

It begins with you requesting a consultation and estimate. They will then visit your work site to assess the scope and size of work. They should be discussing your needs and wants, desired cleaning schedule and answer any questions you may have. Then prepare and submit a proposal for your consideration.

Once you approve the proposal, They’ll roll their sleeves up and get to work, so you can concentrate on your own job and not have to stress about us doing theirs.

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Why They're Different

They know you have choices when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning company. That’s why they should go the extra mile to ensure you get more than you expect every single time they are there. When going above and beyond is their motto be prepared for some awesome service you might not expect from your commercial cleaning company.

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100% Happiness Guarantee

We are so certain that you will be thrilled with our performance that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that you don't like the service being provided, you don’t pay a cent until you are deliriously & ridiculously happy.

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Choose a Trusted Local Cleaning Service

A locally owned and operated cleaning business in Fargo, North Dakota, that is not some impersonal national chain. Knowing their neighbors and offer the personal cleaning experience you want for your business.

When they have several years of cleaning experience and serving businesses just like yours, their company should be well versed in providing the best service possible. They should also be a student of the industry and is always at the forefront of new cleaning trends and best practices. 

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Worry Less.


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